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Aspen in the Fall – Come on up the leaves are fantastic

I have some new fall pics that I think are fantastic of Fall here in the Basalt and Aspen Area.  Take a look If you are looking for leaves now is the time! The fishing is great as well, we are looking at good fishing both on the Roaring Fork River and the Frying Pan.

Roaring Fork Fishing Report for 8/10/09

The Roaring Fork is looking fantastic right now clear, running about 600 CFS BEAUTIFUL… 5 fish in 6 casts this evening! Unbelievable, not to mention highly statistically improbable, but that is the life insurance agent talking in me not the fisherman.

As I approached the river in a mid valley location it became apparent that these were some of the best conditions that I have ever seen. Highly aesthetic, nymphing with just Old Skool size 12